The end of July, we watched the most recent litter from Tess and Gunner start their new beginnings.  

It's bitter sweet sending the pups home with their new families after spending so much time together; watching them grow, learn and develop personalities.  However after looking at the photos below I can rest assured knowing the pups will be loved and cared for perfectly.


Godspeed in your new journey and here's to making your owners happy and proud!  Please keep us posted on your new adventures and post pics to the Born To Hunt Facebook page or email Steve.  




Mizz is the youngest member of The Kendrick Family and lives in Missoula, MT.  Mizz is one of the superstars from the 2014 Darby & Gator litter.  She's an absolute firecracker, smart as a whip and her family has given her the nickname of 'Diva' because she lacks nothing in the confidence category and packs some sass!


Can't wait to see the pics and hear the stories of this years' pheasant hunt in Montana - the trip is always full of laughs and spirited competition... stay tuned!


                                                             -The Kendrick Family




Jake is a handsome boy from the Darby / Gator litter.  He's 9 months old in the picture to the right and looking more and more like his father everyday!  He enjoys long walks, a warm fire and of course snowmobiling :)  Stay tuned for more pictures and exciting stories of Jake's journeys!


                                                             -Fred & Mary Clifton




"It's difficult to pinpoint Anni's best quality but perhaps my favorite characteristic is her ability to balance work and family life, perfectly.  She has the profound ability to be the all-american family pet coupled with the die-hard tenacity of a high calibre hunting retriever.  


Anni will be snuggled up with my wife, sharing a pillow, sleeping soundly at 3 a.m. but when the shotgun comes out and it's time to get the birds... she's ALL business!


Her lineage speaks for itself; Born (and Ready) To Hunt Labrador.  I couldn't ask for a more loyal and loving hunting partner."


                                                             -Mark Edin




UPDATE - 3/7/15

We have Wallace and is he just a big bundle of puppy energy. What is he 9 months?  Now, several guides have asked me where he came from, good looking dog. Ok we have the basics down heel, sit, come, and stay (remember 9 months) and I find that he is very smart, picks up quickly when he wants to. This brings me to field training, I have let him grow up and not pushed him so I need some help in that area. Think about it and let me know. Thought about driving over anyway just to show him off to you. Don't want to talk about steel heads though, sigh."

"Watching Wallace grow up has been such a pleasure, and my goodness he has gotten HUGE. We'd like to send you a few updates to show you how he is doing.

We can't thank you enough for this wonderful little guy. :)


                                                    -Hegedus Family


P.S.  As you can see, he isn't spoiled AT ALL...


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Joseph Kendrick & Mizz

Joseph spent a week with Papa Steve learning the ropes. These two will be a deadly duo this pheasant season ~