Retired Dogs

Darby (Retired)

Darby is a muscular, 63-pound Chocolate Labrador Retriever, stunning female.  She has a very strong pedigree as it relates to field trials. She has proven herself as an exceptional marker and retriever.  She continually strives to surpass all expectations and loves to showoff her skills. Darby is very smart, athletic and energetic while training and hunting. 

Gunner (Retired)

The meaning of the name Gunner is *warrior* and that he was.  Gunner is competitive, overly-ambitious and substantially exceeds minimum requirements. He is a stunning, good looking 85-pound yellow Labrador Retriever with exceptional linage.  He continues to prove himself time and time again; whether it's his work ethic or high desire to please he makes a phenomenal companion.  His pups have inherited his magnificent qualities too. Gunner has spent countless hours in the duck blind retrieving ducks and geese and lives to hunt!

Mica (Retired)

Mica is a 60 pound bird-retrieving-machine. Nothing, nada, zip evades her Labrador Retriever vacuum nose. One glance at Mica's pedigree and it reveals strong and remarkably clean lines that are proven in both amateur and open field trials. Mica has a calm nature and is extremely obedient. She handles exceptionally well and with ease.   

Riley (Retired)

Riley is athletic in build and 60 pounds of pure Labrdor Retriever tenacity.  She displays a tremendous desire and willingness to please in all facets of her life. Riley shows a keen noise, intelligence and stamina which are both required for both upland game and waterfowl hunting.  Her lightening-fast speed and competitive nature are advantageous for field trials, too. Regardless of location and subject matter she wants to be involved. Riley is the epitome of a team player.  She is a tireless worker in the field and leads by example with her attitude and strong work ethic.