Murphy | Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Murphy's parents are Gator & Lexie

We recently received a nice update from his family:

"Murphy one year update! He is around 95 lbs or so. He hasn't been to the vet in a bit so that's an estimate based on our home scale. He is the most affectionate, goofiest, sweetest boy. He is very smart and very inquisitive. He's been running with me most mornings between 3-4 miles and loves it. He is simply the best boy."

Bailey | Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Bailey's parents are Gator & Darby

A recent note from Bailey's family:

"Hi Steve. Here is a couple of recent photos of Bailey. She's a great dog, fantastic temperament and super quick learner."

Daisy | Fox Red Labrador Retriever

Daisy's parents are Max & Ida.

Pete | Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Pete's is one of Gator's pups.

"We sure love this pup of Gator's, great buddy. He is a stud at 80lbs at one yr old."