Just another day of training!  The dogs are told to "Hi-dee-ho" and they are allowed to get crazy but return upon a whistle command!


Ida is 55 pounds and growing. She has a solid point and is a great retriever. She is always ready to try anything put at her.


Scout has a great off switch that everyone loves with great enthusiasm, she is a superior marking dog and a very strong swimmer. Scout as that classic Labrador look, she will throw that classic Labrador look at her litters.


Gator is 95 pounds of pure pleasure, he has a very strong drive and desire to get the work done in training or hunting, good-looking , intelligent and always has an upbeat attitude about anything. He is a well behaved member of the family.


Darby is a stunning 70 pound female with a very strong field trial background. Her pedigree includes FC-AFC - Its All Over Now Baby Blue--FC-AFC-- Sweet Potato Pie--- FC-AFC-- Cuda's Blue Rider-- NAFC-FC-AFC-- Ebonstar Lean Mac and many more. She is a rockstar and a pleasure to train.


Lexie is 70 pounds and always aims to please. She shows a keen nose, taking time to make sure she misses nothing when searching for wounded birds. Lexie is quick to learn whatever task is put in front of her.


Gage is a pleasure in the field and the house. Gage's focus and drive are unbelievable. Gage is very loyal and observant. Gage is a natural marker and he has great looms that makes heads turn.


Max is the son of NAFC-FC-AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade (Grady). Max is a very intelligent, big drive retrieving machine with unbelievable pedigree. Max has a great attitude and is a real pleasure to be around. Max has the classic Labrador looks with great confirmation.

GUNNER (Retired)

Gunner is a stunning, handsome, 85 pound, muscular, yellow Labrador retriever with exceptional linage that has proven itself time and time again. Gunners pedigree includes NAFC, FC, AFC.

MICA (Retired)

Mica is an athletically built 56 pound female with tremendous desire and willingness to please, Mica has a huge water entry and shows a keen noise, intelligence and the stamina required for both upland and waterfowl hunting. One look at Mica's pedigree and you'll be envious.

RILEY (Retired)

Riley is a 58 pound stocky female. She is a fun dog to train, always giving 110% effort with a great attitude. Riley has a tremendous training and hunting desire with a calm temperament. Riley has always been a team player and very eager to please.  Riley is an extremely driven athlete with tremendous speed, learns quickly and has been a real pleasure to train. She is also a joy to have in the house, no matter what I'm doing she wants to be by my side.

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